Pleurotus eryngii

With a sweet and delicate flavour, Baby King Oysters make a beautiful addition to any dish. Holding its shape when cooked, its stout and firm flesh has a meaty texture that is often compared to abalone. Commonly used as an alternative in meat-free dishes, this hearty variety is a winner for versatility.


Pleurotus djamor

A favourite among chefs and customers, Pink Oyster Mushrooms are adored for their sweet and nutty flavour. With an appealing texture that is both meaty and chewy the real treat is when they are fried crispy, bringing out a flavour that is likened to ham or bacon.


Pleurotus ostreatus

Blue Shimeji simply ooze grace as they grow and blend great taste and texture. In beautifully formed grape-like bunches when young, they give better shelf life than most other oyster mushrooms. When cooked they develops a mild nutty flavour and a texture that is both wonderfully tender yet chewy at the same time.


Hypsizygus ulmarius

With a firm meaty texture, the Elm holds form well through cooking. Mild flavour takes on those of condiments and sauces. Great in soups, stews and stir fry. Recommended in Chinese medicine for treating stomach and intestinal ailments as well as reputably having anti-carcinogenic properties.


Lentinula edodes

Rich and bold flavour, with a meaty chewy cap, the Shiitake is found in a variety of cuisines around the world and are prized for their rich, savory, butteriness that can also be described as umami. Stems are fibrous and often removed but can be used in stocks and soups. High in antioxidants.


Hericium erinaceous

With a distinctive snowball form the Lion’s Mane mushroom is renowned in Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory, as well as having properties aiding nerve restoration and brain function. As a gourmet delicacy, it has a unique texture similar to that of crab meat and a flavour which is likened to lobster which can be intensified with the addition of butter during cooking.


Pleurotus pulmonarius

The Phoenix Oyster will stand alone as a robust feature component or welcome addition to any dish. With a lovely umami flavour and a smooth firm texture these versatile oysters are a great all-rounder.


Easy and reliable to cook with, our Dried Oyster Mushrooms are a great pantry staple and can be utilised in many dishes calling for mushrooms.

Although the drying process allows for some flavour intensity, they are still mild and sweet. Once reconstituted they have a soft fragile texture and an earthy fragrance.

Depending on seasonal availability, they may include a variety of Pink Oyster, Elm, Phoenix, Blue Shimeji and Baby King Oyster.

We live, work and grow on Gunaikurnai lands and the home of the Brayakaulung people.


We pay our respects to the elders, families and spirit of the land.


For many thousands of years First Nations people have held and passed down extensive knowledge of the powers of fungi to sustain and heal. 

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