It is important to us that we minimise our

carbon footprint and waste.

  • We operate a 6.5kw solar split array which generates a large portion of the energy we use for production.

  • Equipment has been purchased second hand where possible.

  • Spent substrates and straw tea are used as mulch and fertiliser  to grow vegetables.

  • We use glass fowler jars to expand spawn.

  • Plastic bags are washed and reused.

  • We catch rainwater and use this for the bulk of our production

  • Most of the materials used to construct our purpose built grow rooms are recycled.

  • We only use cardboard and paper packaging.

  • Whereever possible we source our materials locally.

We live, work and grow on Gunaikurnai lands and the home of the Brayakaulung people.


We pay our respects to the elders, families and spirit of the land.


For many thousands of years First Nations people have held and passed down extensive knowledge of the powers of fungi to sustain and heal. 

Flooding Creek Fungi

Sale, Victoria AUS

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